Monday with Maureen: MSG link to Autism?

Today’s article highlights an important question many of us have, “Is there a link between the food we eat & autism?”

Chemist Claims She Reversed Daughter’s Autism Symptoms

By Kate Seamons, FoxNews

A Bay Area biochemist thinks she’s found a sort of autism smoking gun: monosodium glutamate, or MSG.

It’s a chemical compound almost exclusively connoted with Chinese food, but Katherine Reid points out that it’s found in all but 5 percent of processed food, largely unbeknownst to us: It appears on the food label only about 1 percent of the time. (more…)

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Monday With Maureen: Autism & Alternative Medicine

Monday with Maureen

Today I thought I would share an article I came across over the weekend. It highlights a particular hot topic for parents of kids on the spectrum: the challenge of how to best serve our children with the plethora of therapeutic options available.

This article serves as a reminder that no matter the course you’ve chosen, it is never a bad idea to run things by your pediatrician.

Autism and Alternative Medicine: Getting Real About the Benefits and Risks

By Alexandra Sifferlin, Time Magazine, January 11, 2014

With no approved medications to treat autism, more parents are turning to alternative therapies to help their kids. (more…)

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