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Pop Tubes

Pediatric Balance Discs- Pack of Two



Getting kids to do the healthy thing instead of the fun thing can sometimes be a chore. That’s not the case with these Flying Foam Disks. Adults know that participating in any form of exercise at a young age helps to instill healthy habits that can contribute to a passion for staying active and fit physically, mentally and emotionally. These disks, which are  perfect for fitness, fun and play, feed that passion.

Easy to grip, toss and crawl on, their soft and flexible dense foam material means no hurt hands, knees or feet. Perfect for a jump, hop or a spin, the disks help kids build balance, coordination and mind-body awareness. Exercising with them provides a fun workout that challenges stability and range of motion. The bright colors and fun designs will make every kid want one. Terrific for two as the disks are a lot of fun to throw and catch.

Made of NBR Foam and kid-safe, the disks are free of toxins, heavy metals and phthalates. Sold as a pair and with a comfortable diameter of 8.25″, the Flying Foam Disks were winners of the 2016 National Parenting Product Awards. This pair of Flying Foam Disks comes in Purple and Green. The Purple disk features Buster in its design while the Green features a Rise and Shine design. Comes with a fully illustrated exercise guide. Waterproof, so the disks are terrific for hydrotherapy in the pool and playtime in the tub. The Flying Foam Disks are a lot of fun but they need to be kept away from animals and pets. Easy to clean needing only a diluted mixture of water and mild soap. Allow to air dry before next use.

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