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Descripto Dinos™ Vocabulary Game Boards



Your students’ word building and describing skills will take giant dino-leaps as they talk about the 1,036 picture-words on these jumbo 15″ x 18″ laminated game boards. To play, students place a Dino Token on a vocabulary picture and roll the die. The number on the die determines how many “descriptions” the student must say about the picture. Customize each game based on student skill level. Great for vocabulary building too! Descripto Dinos™ includes:
  • 14 colorful, laminated games (7 boards printed front and back).
  • Each board contains 74 vocabulary picture-words, for a total of 1,036 picture-words!
  • 90 roaringly bright dino tokens in assorted colors!
  • Foam die and instruction book!

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