Mondays with Maureen: Autism awareness band rocks UK

Get to know the autistix, the autism awareness band rocking the u.k.

By Rafi Schwartz

The AutistiX are a six-piece rock band out of the U.K. who blast the kind of straight-ahead, guitar-heavy riffs you’d expect from a group whose website name checks The Clash, Nirvana, and The Rolling Stones all in the same paragraph. But while The AutistiX may have fairly conventional rock and roll inspiration, the band itself is hardly your average garage outfit.

Billing themselves as “a unique rock band” the group’s three youngest members–Drummer Saul Zur-Szpiro, bassist Luke Steels, and guitarist Jack Beaven-Duggan–all reside at different points along the autism spectrum. And although their autism manifests differently for each of them, Steels, Zur-Szpiro, and Beaven-Duggan are in perfect sync when it comes to the music. The band performs at clubs and benefits around England with a simple message: Having Autism isn’t going to hold them back.

The Guardian recently tagged along with The AutistiX, as the band prepared for their biggest gig to date: The “Autism’s Got Talent?” showcase

The AutistiX also recently released their first music video, “Just The Same,” which, as its name implies, is an anthem for acceptance and inclusion:


Explains Steels: “I wrote the song to show that we’re just the same as everyone else. We’re no different. I want people to watch it and think – I have autism – so what?”

This past spring, The AutistiX set out on a limited tour through Spain, where they played alongside Motxila 21, a band whose members have Down’s Syndrome.

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