Mondays with Grace – Helpful Tips for Distant Learning

Online learning is not for everyone, I think we all can agree with that. As we are starting the second half of the school year, some districts are still fully online or on a hybrid schedules. Kids are getting more and more restless with sitting behind a computer screen and trying to concentrate for hours at a time. I know at twenty-one years old I even struggle with watching an hour long lecture at home.

Given the fact we do not have an idea of when school’s might be back to “normal”, I wanted to provide some tips and ideas to keep your children or students actively participating.

Space to work

When a student is at school, they are given a designated area that is theirs. Usually desks, these spaces are used for their personal belongings, school supplies, and where they reside for the majority of the day. At home, it is important for students to have this same space. Whether it be the kitchen table, a make shift area in the corner, or a desk in their room. You can find very inexpensive small desks from Walmart or Amazon that can be put up in your kids room. To give children more control over their space, have them decorate around it. Hang up pictures, drawings, or bring stuffed animals to sit with them.

Utilizing Breaks

We know how long awaited those breaks are, especially with our kids who are exceptional learners. When those breaks happen, it is important to use them to the best of your ability. To those kids who need a schedule, or the rest of their day is thrown off, make sure your breaks are planned out as well. Allow them to run outside, or play a specific game. It is important for them to make these choices but also keep monitoring so the rest of their day is chaos.

Use the Same Tactics Their Teachers Use

School is such a vital part of students’ lives, especially those who need each hour planned out. It is no doubt behaviors have changed over the course of the year. Some kids are still even confused at what is going on. Ask their teachers what they do in the classroom. Do they use specific cues during lessons? Does the student like specific manipulatives or flexible seating during learning? What things in the room need to be changed in order to better the student’s attention? Teachers will be more than happy to explain to you some of the things they use throughout the day to help the student!


I know this school year has not been the easiest, but it is important as parents, guardians, teachers, and educators to put our best foot forward. We are over the halfway point and close to summer. You can do this!!

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