Mondays with Grace – Christmas in a Pandemic… Where to Begin?

With the holiday season among us, families are starting to pose many questions. Do we continue on traditions like normal? How do we celebrate Christmas and other holidays in the midst of a pandemic? What are other families doing? All reasonable questions in such a mysterious time. This year has been full of so many unknowns, including how to navigate through holidays. Even though I am no where near becoming a parent, I am the oldest of four children and work with kids in schools and churches. I realize how important the holiday season is and how families are concerned about how to continue celebrating without risking safety. I also understand how many kids are either currently home or will be home soon for Christmas break. Children are about to have a lot of time on their hands to get into the Christmas spirit. I took some time to think of five neat ideas to continue spreading cheer without spreading germs. These ideas can be shared among all of our friends who live or do not live with learning exceptionalities. Hope y’all enjoy (:


Decorate your house!

Use the time off to deck the halls! Doors, windows, fireplaces, EVERY room in your house! With time off from school or normal activities, it is the perfect opportunity to cover every inch of your home with Christmas décor. Pinterest is covered with DIY holiday crafts and cheap options. One of my favorite memories from childhood was my family’s door decoration contest. All four of us kids would use wrapping paper, bows, and signs on our bedroom doors. We would see who could be the most creative. For those of you who love lights, fill the rooftops or front lawn with festive lights, as well.


Christmas Movie Night

What’s better than piling into the living room, snuggled up with some hot cocoa, and turning on How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Pick a movie for the whole family to enjoy and watch a Christmas classic. Take your movie night a step further and have everyone dress up as one of the characters or build a comfy fort to watch it in!


Drive & Look at Christmas Lights

With more people stuck inside this year, decorating the outside of the house has become even more popular. Pack the family into the car, grab some candy canes, turn on Christmas music, and drive around your town to find lights. With your younger kids, let them wear their pajamas out and bring blankets.


Send out Christmas Cards

The joy of receiving a card around the holiday season is indescribable. I have never heard anyone complain about getting a small something in the mail. Take a quick family photo in front of the tree and use an online service to order cards. Or to get the kids involved, have them make homemade cards. Order or pick up some construction paper and markers, and let the kids get creative with drawings. Gather around the family table and use everyone’s special ability to put together some incredible cards to give to loved ones.


Bake Christmas Goodies

Do you have a recipe you have been dying to try? Have the kids been asking to be in the kitchen and help? Baking around the holiday season is great way to get all hands deck and teach the kids how to bake. It’s as easy a picking a family favorite bake good or just making sugar cookies to have the kids decorate with icing. Make a day out of it and deliver some to family or neighbors.

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