Monday with Maureen: Liz Sparling on Imaginative Play

For those of you who remember when Liz Sparling presented during one of our early in store workshops, this post will be every bit as sweet as it is thoughtful! Our friend, Liz, is the Clinical Director of Pivot Point Family Growth Center Inc. and a certified behavioral analyst, as well as a top notch presenter and public speaker. Plus, she’s the parent of a twenty-something with autism, as if having mothered a teenager doesn’t already elevate her to Wonder Woman status.

Liz posted this little video through FIVE Behaviour Consultation Services Inc’s Facebook page, and it looks like there will be more on their way soon. In this particular video, she discusses use of simple toys like blocks to encourage children in exercising their imaginations during play therapy. Having gathered insights and knowledge from years of life and work experience, Liz has ample insights about how parents can be confident in creatively engaging their children. Check out her new video now, and keep your eyes peeled for more videos from Liz!

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