Meet Ben Liske, Summer Intern

ben liskeA big day at Therapy in a Bin. We are pleased to welcome Ben Liske. He will be our guest blogger this summer. I thought it would be appropriate to have him introduce himself…enjoy! –Maureen O’Sullivan Webb

Hi. This is Ben Liske, 14 years old, from Nashville, Tennessee. I am working as an intern at Therapy in a Bin now and should be for the next three weeks. I hope to continue my internship later in the summer. This is my first job experience and I want this to be a good one.

I enjoy many activities – and I tend to partake in them often – that contribute to my life in ways that are important to me and to those around me. I play the piano, sing, and have started playing harmonica, guitar, and percussion. I also enjoy reading and, much like anyone else, games.

I am happy to be working here and hope the experience will enhance my performance in my duty to society for years to come.


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