Monday with Maureen: New Drug on the Horizon?

Drug shows promise in kids with autism, researchers say

by Karen Weintraub, Special for USA TODAY

Autism may result from a faulty chemical switch that doesn’t get flipped in time to help the brain develop normally, a new research study suggests.

Building on what they hope will be an important insight into the cause of autism, French researchers are testing a high blood pressure medication on dozens of European children with autism.

The team, which has a financial stake in the drug, has tried it on 30 children with autism; now they are testing it in more, hoping to improve core characteristics of autism for the first time. (more…)

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Monday With Maureen: End the Chore Wars

Another great article that I think most parents can relate to.

End the Chore Wars

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Getting kids to complete their chores can be a challenge in any household. With families where one or more children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), forgetfulness, difficulty following traditional directions, distractions, and more can affect how quickly housework gets done, if at all. That’s why we scoured our website for comments parents who’ve been there, and done that, have left about getting their kids and teens to help keep the house and their rooms organized. Here’s their best advice:

 Make Chores Fun, Flexible for ADD/ADHD Children (more…)

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Monday With Maureen: DSM-IV vs. DSM-5

I am re-posting an article that addresses the new DSM-5 criteria. I hope you will find it as helpful as I did.

DSM-5 & Autism: Autism-Speaks Study Clarifies Impact of New Criteria

A new study finds that the estimated prevalence of autism under the new DSM-5 criteria would decrease only to the extent that some children would receive the new diagnosis of social communication disorder (SCD). Funded in part by Autism Speaks, the study appears online in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Overall, the researchers found that 83 percent of children who received a diagnosis of autism under the DSM-IV would still receive the diagnosis under DSM-5. The remaining 14 percent would switch to a diagnosis of SCD. These results help answer questions raised by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study published last week. (more…)

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Monday With Maureen: Autism & Alternative Medicine

Monday with Maureen

Today I thought I would share an article I came across over the weekend. It highlights a particular hot topic for parents of kids on the spectrum: the challenge of how to best serve our children with the plethora of therapeutic options available.

This article serves as a reminder that no matter the course you’ve chosen, it is never a bad idea to run things by your pediatrician.

Autism and Alternative Medicine: Getting Real About the Benefits and Risks

By Alexandra Sifferlin, Time Magazine, January 11, 2014

With no approved medications to treat autism, more parents are turning to alternative therapies to help their kids. (more…)

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Snow Day, Fun Day! Great Indoor Activities for Kids.

Facebook-Posts-300x300We, as parents, work very hard to establish a routine our kids can count on. ..Quite frankly it helps my kids function at our house. So what happens when the weather wreaks havoc and school is cancelled?

Here are some indoor activities that help kiddos stay focused, calm & entertained.

Salt Dough Creations

Recipe: 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of water, 1 cup of flour. Add the 1/2 cup of salt and 1 cup of flour to a bowl stir in the water adding it slowly – you may not need all of the water. You want the dough to be dry – if it gets sticky add more flour. Knead the dough and then roll out and use as you want. (more…)

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